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Helpful Tips from Oria #6 – Waterlily’s Advanced Skin Therapist

Helpful Tips Blog #6!


What do I use on my skin?…honestly, what don’t I use should be the question. I get asked this question a lot, so here it is. I am going to declare myself a skincare product junkie!! I was 16 years old when I was given my first moisturiser, it was just a little gesture, but it was the start of my ‘obsession’ with improving and maintaining my skin.
I have been in the skin and beauty industry for 14 years and have worked with many amazing product ranges, and around 7 years ago I was introduced to Cosmeceutical. There are a number of Cosmeceutical ranges available to use, but of cause my favourite is Ultraceuticals, in fact I applied for the job here at Waterlily due to this one reason.
So, what do I use within the range?

PM Routine AM Routine

Balancing Gel Cleanser Balancing Gel Cleanser
Ultra C Firming Eye Cream Ultra C Firming Eye Cream
Ultra Diminishing Complex Ultra Brightening Serum
Vitamin A Serum Ultra Red Action
Ultra C23 Ultra SPF Daily Moisturiser Mattifying
Ultra Hydrating Lotion

As you can see I do use a lot, but they all serve a purpose, and I don’t necessarily use them all every day, I watch what my skin is doing, and depending on its condition, I mix up my routine. For example, I might leave the Ultra C23 out one night or I might apply the Ultra Brightening Serum at night instead of during the day. However there are 3 steps I always do, CLEANSE, apply an ACTIVE and an SPF, or as I like to describe it, ‘Prepare, Restore and Protect’.

Waterlily xx

Helpful Tips from Oria #5 – Waterlily’s Advanced Skin Therapist

Helpful Tips Blog #5!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.46.05 PM
To coincide with our March treatment offer at Waterlily, ‘Complexion Perfection’ which includes either a lactic or mandelic peel plus a LED light treatment, (Click here for more information on this offer) I thought it was the perfect time to talk about Vitamin B!

If you have had a peel at Waterlily before you would know that we do ask you NOT to use any of your ‘active’ products for 5 days post peel. There are still many products from Ultraceuticals that you can use, with the stand out product being our B2 hydrating serum. This little gem is a combination of ingredients that will increase and maintain the moisture level within your skin, and is perfect to apply immediately after and for several days following a ‘peel’ treatment.

B Vitamins are essential and are involved in many different metabolic processes, including energy release from macronutrients, formation of red blood cells and the functioning of our nervous system. The B family consists of thiamin, riboflavin, B6, B12, niacin and panthenol.

Both niacin (niacinamide) and panthenol (pro-vitamins) are also extremely beneficial for our skin cells and easily penetrate the top layer of our skin helping our skin look fresh and healthier. These 2 amazing ingredients have been combined to create our Ultra B2 hydrating serum and benefits our skin in a whole list of ways;

– Improves hydration
– Reduces oil production
– Reduces enlarged pores
– Improves UV induced pigmentation
– Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture
– Reduces facial redness

Our B2 hydrating serum is suitable for all skin types and can be added into both your am and pm skincare routine, please come in or give us a call to find out more.

Waterlily xx

Helpful Tips from Oria #4 – Waterlily’s Advanced Skin Therapist

Helpful Tips Blog #4!

Cosmeceutical Products Versus ‘The Rest’


You might ask, what makes Ultraceuticals different from any other skincare range available to purchase? Well, that is a good question, and with SO MANY products claiming to be the next anti-ageing miracle, it is easy to get mislead or confused.
Ultraceuticals is a Cosmeceutical skincare range.
Cosmeceutical formulations are a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients that have a biological effect on the skin based on scientific evidence. We know from scientific research that certain vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on our skin cells, but they have to be at certain concentrations and within a carrier molecule to have this beneficial effect.
Vitamin A is a perfect example. Vitamin A must be metabolised into retinoic acid to have a biological effect on the skin. Ultraceuticals Vitamin A serums contain Retinol which is enveloped and carried into the skin by special particles which enhance their delivery and dissolve once in the skin, making them a more potent ingredient formulation.
Another example is Vitamin C. Research suggests that Vitamin C must be at concentrations 10% or higher to have a biological effect on our skin and must be in a stable formulation to keep it from oxidising. Ultraceuticals Ultra C23 is a CSIRO developed micro particle formula, and is unsurpassed in the protection of the oxidating process, ensuring a high dosage of the vitamin can be metabolised in the skin.
In general, many skincare products available to buy do not contain these ingredients at their active concentrations and are unable to reach the level in the skin needed to have an effect, thus doing little to change the skin.

For more information on Ultraceuticals, please see our below blog posts, comment below or contact us and we will endeavour to answer all of your questions.

Waterlily xx

Helpful Tips from Oria #3 – Waterlily’s Advanced Skin Therapist

Helpful Tips Blog #3!

Vitamin C and the Sun!


We do go on a lot about the negative effects that the sun can have on our skin here at Waterlily, but we also have the ingredients to help fight this impact on the skin.

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring antioxidant which helps prevent the oxidation of other molecules, but we (humans) are unable to synthesize it, so we must consume it or place it topically on our skin to gain the amazing benefits it has. While sunscreens are a must for everyday wear to protect our skin from UV rays, topical antioxidants support them by fighting against the free radicals that the rays produce.

Sunscreen will only block around 55% of free radicals produced by UVA exposure, and as I have mentioned in a previous blog, UVA is believed to be the main cause for skin ageing.

At Waterlily we have 3 fantastic products that star ‘Vitamin C’: Vitamin C Firming Eye Cream, Ultra C10 Firming Serum and the Ultra C23 Firming Concentrate.

Please pop in anytime to learn more or ask any further questions you might have, see you soon.

Waterlily xx

Helpful Tips from Oria #2 – Waterlily’s Advanced Skin Therapist

Helpful Tips Blog #2!

If you can do one positive thing for your self today- you need to watch this video.
The content speaks for itself.

Waterlily xx

Helpful Tips from Oria #1 – Waterlily’s Advanced Skin Therapist

Helpful Tips Blog #1!


Oria, who is currently studying at Vic Uni to become a certified Dermal Therapist, has sat down today and written some FREE, invaluable information about some of the ingredients included in the products we stand by at Waterlily and why we must ALWAYS must use an SPF when incorporating Vitamin A into our skin care regime.

Vitamin A
The benefits of vitamin A applied topically to the skin include
– Decreasing oil production
– Improve skin hydration
– Decreasing the clustering of melanin and normalising cell division
– Stimulate collagen production
– Decrease ceramide production possibly resulting in TEWL
Collectively these changes make the skin thicker, smoother, with a reduction in pigmentation, fine lines, acne lesions and pore size.

AHA’s & BHA’s
The benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids applied topically to the skin include
– Reduction in pigmentation
– Reduction in dryness
– Reduction in fine lines and other photo ageing characteristics
– Reduction in congestion and blackheads.
– Increase the production of ceramides reducing TEWL.

AHA’s and BHA’s work by dissolving the ‘glue-like’ bonds between skin cells providing an exfoliating effect on the skins surface and within the oil glands. These changes will result in dermal thickening and increased skin luminosity.

These two amazing ingredients have numerous benefits however there is always a ‘catch’.
Our skin has a natural barrier to UV rays, which is the top layer of our skin, by stimulating an increase in skin cell turnover this protection is slightly compromised, and we must apply sunscreen each and every day regardless of the weather and activity to protect it.
UV rays are categorised into UVC, UVB and UVA, UVA is always present during the day and this little ray is what ages us. We can fight this by always applying a ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen, always wearing a hat when outdoors and trying to avoid outdoor activity during 10am and 3pm.
UVA can damage our skin without us even knowing about it, as it doesn’t produce any redness or burning to our skin.
UVB is the ray that is responsible for burning and tanning. UVB increases the degrading of collagen and elastin in the skin which keeps our skin looking plump and hydrated. Multiple sunburns in early life have even been linked to melanoma.
There is also a suggestion that it also shortens our cells lifespan (telomeres)

Each person has a unique genetic makeup, our chromophores, and at the end of each chromophore is a telomere. You could liken it to the plastic end of a shoelace. Their job is to prevent the chromophore from unravelling. Every time one of our cells divide, which is essential for new skin, blood and bones, the telomere becomes shorter and shorter and finally when the telomere becomes too short, it dies or becomes damaged which could lead to mutations and cancer. UV rays and inflammation are considered to accelerate this shortening process along with limiting its repair.

For any more information from Oria or any of the therapists at Waterlily please do not hesitate to give us a call or pop into the salon to have a chat.
If you like you can also email us and we are always more than happy to respond to your queries!

Waterlily xx