Helpful Tips from Oria #6 – Waterlily’s Advanced Skin Therapist

Helpful Tips Blog #6!


What do I use on my skin?…honestly, what don’t I use should be the question. I get asked this question a lot, so here it is. I am going to declare myself a skincare product junkie!! I was 16 years old when I was given my first moisturiser, it was just a little gesture, but it was the start of my ‘obsession’ with improving and maintaining my skin.
I have been in the skin and beauty industry for 14 years and have worked with many amazing product ranges, and around 7 years ago I was introduced to Cosmeceutical. There are a number of Cosmeceutical ranges available to use, but of cause my favourite is Ultraceuticals, in fact I applied for the job here at Waterlily due to this one reason.
So, what do I use within the range?

PM Routine AM Routine

Balancing Gel Cleanser Balancing Gel Cleanser
Ultra C Firming Eye Cream Ultra C Firming Eye Cream
Ultra Diminishing Complex Ultra Brightening Serum
Vitamin A Serum Ultra Red Action
Ultra C23 Ultra SPF Daily Moisturiser Mattifying
Ultra Hydrating Lotion

As you can see I do use a lot, but they all serve a purpose, and I don’t necessarily use them all every day, I watch what my skin is doing, and depending on its condition, I mix up my routine. For example, I might leave the Ultra C23 out one night or I might apply the Ultra Brightening Serum at night instead of during the day. However there are 3 steps I always do, CLEANSE, apply an ACTIVE and an SPF, or as I like to describe it, ‘Prepare, Restore and Protect’.

Waterlily xx

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