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Advanced Clinical Skincare

Skin Consultation

A thorough consultation using the latest in analysis technology and manual methods to diagnose your skin conditions/type, followed by a detailed written prescription of corrective treatments and homecare, designed to suit your skin’s individual needs. Our qualified Skin Aesthetician will also provide you with samples from our Ultraceuticals and Priori ranges to try at home. Complimentary with any skin treatments or redeemable against any product purchase on the day or...

Skin Consultation      60 mins      $99

Medical Grade Microdermabrasion

  • Controlled resurfacing for a refined texture and SUPER SMOOTH glow - fantastic for ALL skins!
  • Our most outrageously popular lunchtime treatment - leave those at work wondering how you look so fresh!
  • Dramatic results when booked as a course – brides to be, this is the skin overhaul for your big day!
  • Lightens photo damage & pigmentation
  • Exceptional treatment for large pores, blackhead removal, scar reduction and blemishes - GUYS THIS IS FOR YOU TOO!
  • Serious anti-aging with collagen stimulation, skin plumping and fine line reduction

Please speak to our qualified consultants about a tailored course for your specific requirements.

Micro Face      45 mins      $139

Micro & Mandelic Peel -

Congested/Dull Skin
(On Therapists recommendation ONLY)
      60mins      $169

Micro & Vita A Peel – WOW!

Plumping /Anti-Ageing

(On Therapists recommendation ONLY)
      60mins      $199

Micro Face, Neck & Décolletage      60mins      $185

Micro Back      60mins      $POA

Micro Course x 3 Treatments      $129 each      ($387)

Micro Course x 6 Treatments      $122 each      ($732)

Skin Peels

If aging is a concern exfoliation is essential! Peels improve the appearance and tone of the skin through the process of cell rejuvenation. Our Ultraceuticals and Priori Peels are high strength, lunchtime treatments, giving maximum results with NO DOWNTIME. All Peels require a Skin Consultation and patch test, prior to any treatments. Our Skin Aestheticians can help to determine the best Peels for your skins concerns.

Ultraceuticals Ultimate Vitamin A Peel

The POWERHOUSE of all anti-aging treatments. This fast acting, non invasive, skin rejeuvenation treatment combines proven anti-aging ingredients Retinol and Bromelain to refresh, refine, hydrate and plump your skin.

  • Works quickly to dramitcally diminish wrinkles, even skin tone and improve luminosity
  • Penetrates deep into the cell to protect and promote regeneration
  • FANTASTIC results for skin prone to Acne – Vitamin A in Retinol for has been extensively trialled and clinically proven for its excellent ability to combat breakouts and congestion
  • WATERLILY’S BEST OF THE BESThighly recommended by Salon Director!

Vitamin A Peel      30mins      $150

Vitamin A Course x 3      $140 each      ($420)

Vitamin A Course x 6      $125 eacheach      ($750)

Ultraceuticals VITA-REPAIR SKIN WORKOUT - Lactic Peel

Reveal refreshed, youthful, radient skin in just one treatment.

These high powered Lactic Acid Peels deliver fast results and actively work to dramatically re-surface and instantly improve moisture levels, whilst restoring clarity and luminosity.A series of 4 to 6 treatments will take your skin to the next level!

*Clients must be on Even Skin Tones or Ultra Brightening Serum for 2 weeks prior to commencement of this treatment.

Advanced AHA Peel 30% or 50%      30mins      $99

Adv AHA Lactic Course x 3      $90 each      ($270)

Adv AHA Lactic Course x 6      $85 each      ($510)

Ultraceuticals VITA-CLEAR SKIN WORKOUT - Mandelic Peel

Ideal for problematic skin and excellent on teenage breakouts, this non-drying, Mandelic Acid Peel utilises AHA and BAH to quickly decongest, clarify and help control oil production.

A sensationally brightening and lightening peel with melanin inhibitors to slow down

pigment production

  • Includes anti-oxidants like Clove Oil and Eucalyptus Oil for anti-bacterial benefits and Niacinamide (B Vitamins) to clear calm and soothe
  • Penetration enhancers for one of the most effective and advanced peels available in the industry today
  • Add on a MINI-MICRO for a scar reducing, deep cleansing, skin refining and radient power treatment. Really clears the skin - excellent for men also!

Mandelic Peel      30 mins      $129

Mandelic Course x 3      $120 each      ($360)

Madelic Course x 6      $109 each      ($654)


This Radiance boosting mask combines a powerful blend of 8 SKIN BRIGHTENING AGENTS to rapidly reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness to reveal a luminous complexion. FANTASTIC before a night out or as a course prior to a wedding/special birhtday celebration or event! Why not add an LED Light Treatment or SONO VITAMIN INFUSION to seriously rejuvenate tired skin and make your complexion POP with NO DOWNTIME!

  • Tightens, tones and brightens the skin through its unique composition of ingredients
  • Skin lightening agents work on problems such as Melasma/Chloasma and dark sun spots, while melanin blockers stop continued development of pigment under the skin
  • Visibly re-textures the skin, smooths fines lines, makes wrinkles less noticeable

    and leaves the skin hydrated, soft and supple in just 30 minutes.

Brightening Accelerator Mask      30 mins      $140

Accelerator Mask Course x 3      $132 each      ($396)

Do You Want Hollywood Skin?

Courses of Peels are recommended for optimum results.

Anti-Aging Injectables & Hydrolysis

Dr. Sean Arendse is a practising Doctor, as well as working alongside reputable and credible plastic surgeons in Melbourne. Waterlily has joined forces with Dr. Sean Arendse to offer you COMPLIMENTARY consultations with treatment plans as well as the latest anti-aging injectables and dermal fillers, in a private, safe and trusted environment. Dr Sean Arendse will be available for appointments on pre-scheduled dates to meet with you and address your requirements. Please feel free to contact the salon to express your interest and we can arrange an appointment on your behalf. We respect your confidentiality in all cases.

L.E.D. Light Therapy

Collagen plumps the skin and elastin gives firmness. L.E.D’s penetrate deep into the dermal layer of the skin energising the cells and stimulating collagen and elastin to give skin back its youthful look. L.E.D Light Therapy is cutting edge technology that reduces the appearance of the visible signs of aging NATURALLY! This non-surgical, pain free therapy can help reduce lines and wrinkles, kill the p.acne bacteria, and act as an anti-inflammatory to treat breakouts, inflamed skin and rosacea, boost collagen and prolong the effects of your injectables and dermal fillers. ASK FOR OUR CASE STUDY PHOTO'S TO SEE THE RESULTS!

L.E.D Light Therapy

(stand alone treatment)
      30 mins      $70

L.E.D Light

(added to ANY other facial treatment)
  30 mins      $59

L.E.D Course x 6      $62 each      ($372)

L.E.D Course x 8      $58 each  ($464)

L.E.D Course x 12      $54 each      ($648)

L.E.D Treatments used in conjunction with injectables, Peels, Micros and Collagen Induction Therapy, provide OPTIMUM results!

Advanced Clinical Facials

All facials include a cleanse, exfoliation, massage to hands, décolletage, neck, face and scalp, mask and an application of face and eye creams to complete the treatment experience.

Ultraceuticals is the next generation, science based skincare which offers a level of performance that redefines the way we treat our skin and the results we see. Our facials prevent premature skin aging and offer superior treatment products born of the most advanced skincare technologies. Our facials give ultimate relaxation and optimum results without compromise.

Waterlily Vita-Lift Power Facial

Following a detailed Skin Consultation, our Skin Aesthetician performs a tailored Ultraceuticals Facial featuring our triple-action anti-aging powerhouse ingredients - Vitamin A, Vitamin C, AHA's and BHA's. By combining pure indulgence with total skin rejuvenation, our facials actively work to reverse the visible signs of aging, dramatically firming, smoothing and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles OR can help clear, restore and rejuvenate the entire complextion, dependant on your skins needs.


Waterlily Vita-Lift Power Facial      75 mins      $115

Priori Coffeeberry Relaxing Yoga Treatment

An intense and relaxing anti-aging treatment for all areas that show the signs of aging most: face, neck, décolletage and hands. This results-orientated treatment will reduce tension and stress levels as well as brighten and even your overall skin tone. Leaves skin feeling firm, lifted, youthful, radiant and you relaxed and recharged.

Coffeeberry Yoga Facial      75 mins      $145

Excellent Facial Boosters!

Take your facial to the next level by adding on these bonus treatments to your facial!

Naive Hydra-Lift Eye Treatment      15 mins      $15

  • Intensive treatment designed to correct fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, loss of

    firmness and sun damage.
  • Protects while it rejuvenates and makes the delicate skin in the eye area appear more youthful.

Naive Lip Service Treatment      15 mins      $15

  • Plumping and hydrating
  • Soothing treatment for dry, cracked lips

Back, Neck and Shoulder

Massage Add-On
      20 mins      $40

Mandelic Peel Add-On

(under Therapists guidance)
      20 mins      $69

Vitamin A Peel Add-On

(under Therapists guidance)
      20 mins      $99

We offer buy 5 and get one free on all courses of facials!

Advanced Clinical Body Treatments

Body Massage

  • Improved blood circulation and stress relief

  • Medium Swedish style or deeply relaxing Aromatherapy Massage

  • Sports Massage Therapist available by appointment – please contact the salon for more information

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage      30 mins      $65

Full Body Massage      60 mins      $110


Bio Sculpture Gel Long Lasting Gel Polish

Bio Sculpture Gel ensures that the nails grow beautiful, flexible and strong naturally. With no damage to the natural nail you can choose a semi-permanent colour or French finish that won't chip or fade and dries instantly before you leave the salon. We recommend infills every 3 weeks to maintain your nail health.

Full Set - 1st Visit/Clean Nails & Shape Only      45 mins      $65

Full Set as above with upgrade to Full Manicure      50 mins      $71

Full Set as above with upgrade to Full Pedicure      60 mins      $81

Gel soak off added to any of the above        Add$9

Full Set of Gels with French Finish        Add$9

Manicure & Pedicure

We use a New File ON EVERY CLIENT!

Divine Hands Manicure – shape, soak, cuticles,

massage & polish
      40 mins      $65

Sensational Toes Pedicure – nail shape, soak, scrub, foot file, cuticles, massage and polish      50 mins      $75

FRENCH POLISH added to any nail treatment      10 mins      $15

Standard Manicure OR Standard Pedicure      30 mins      $45

Anti-Aging Medi-Manicures & Medi-Pedicures

  • Carefully selected and clinically proven anti-aging Peels are applied with our

    Mani and Pedi treatments
  • Deeply exfoliates the hands and arms or feet and legs, giving OPTIMUM results
  • Expect to see amazingly hydrated, revitalised skin with a smooth even texture
  • Our Medi-Mani treatments works to correct, protect and address all signs of aging including irregular pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles

  • Our Medi-Pedi restores softness and smoothness to even the most stubborn of soles

Deluxe Medi Pedi      75 mins      $85

Waxing & Sensational Eyes

Waxing Treatments for Her

Half Leg        $32

Half Leg & Basic Bikini        $54

Full Leg        $57

Full Leg & Basic Bikini        $70

3/4 Leg        $47

Basic Bikini

(outside standard pair of briefs)

Extended Bikini

(down thighs)

High Bikini

(slightly higher than standard briefs)

XXX Brazilian

(strip left in middle, no labia)
        First Time $53, then $50

XXXX Brazilian (everything off)        First Time $57, then $54

Underarm        $24

Forearm        $30

Full Arm        $39

Side of Face        $24

Eyebrows        $26

Lip        $16

Chin        $16

Lip & Chin        $27

Lip & Eyebrows        $34

Lip, Chin & Eyebrows        $48

Full Face (includes side of face)        $54

WAX PACKS - Buy Waxing Packs and SAVE

Ask your therapist for more information

Waxing Treatments for Him

Eyebrow (Centre)        $18

Eyebrow Shape        $26

Full Leg        $69

Half Leg        $39

Full Back & Shoulders        $63

Chest        $51

Shoulders        $25

Full Back, Shoulders & Chest        $93

Upper Back & Shoulders        $45

Arms        $37

Hands        $26

Sensational Eyes

Naive Hydra-Lift Eye Treatment        $15

Brow Design        $26

Brow Tweak        $22

Brow Tint        $21

Brown Design and Tint        $40

Lash Tint

with Scalp or Hand Massage

Lash Tint

with Hydra-Lift and Scalp Massage

Lash & Brow Tint        $42

High Definition Eyes

Hydra-Lift Eye Treatment,

Lash and Brow Tint, Brow Design

Flawless Tanning

We use “Vani-T Liquidsun”, a green based, organic tan, for natural, flawless tanning results. Our tans are extremely popular with our clients and we ALWAYS receive referrals for our tans. Bless your body with a beautiful sun-kissed look!

Full Body Spray Tan

Purchase Bronzing Custard on appt and get a 5% discount
      20 mins      $45

Half Body Spray Tan      15 mins      $35

Spray Tan Course x 4      $41 each      ($164)

Spray Tan Course x 6      $38 each      ($240)


Formals, Weddings & Special Occasions

Bridal        $99

Glamour/Day/Eve/Lesson        $89

Formals (students)        $79

We are happy to discuss Bridal Packages with you upon request.

This can include discounts for trials, wedding day application and discounts for friends, family or bundled treatments.

Salon Details

Scheduling Appointments

We can take bookings over the phone or via our online booking facility. All appointments will be confirmed via SMS or a telephone call, at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit. Please note that appointments unconfirmed will not be held. For large block bookings, we require at least a 50% deposit in order to secure your time at the salon.

Gift Vouchers

All services within the salon are available as a Gift Voucher purchase. A printed, personalised Gift Voucher can be purchased over the phone and forwarded directly to the recipient, if required, to be booked at their leisure.PLEASE NOTE: All vouchers have a 3 month expiry from the date of purchase. Our booking Policy applies with all Gift Voucher appointments made.


We understand that sometimes your schedule changes and you may need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment. Please consider that we run a services business and lost time could be given to another client and empty appointment times are a great expense to our business. In such cases we require at least 24 hours notice of any changes to your appointment. We reserve the right to charge the full fee for your appointment on your next visit, should you not contact us 24 hours prior to your scheduled time.Any Gift Voucher bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be void.

Salon Etiquette

Our salon is a peaceful retreat for you and others to enjoy. Please respect the relaxing salon harmony by turning off or switching your mobile to silent whilst in the salon. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete any necessary consent forms etc. Late arrivals will result in shortened treatment times or a cancellation fee to the full value of the scheduled appointment.