Video Blog #5- Jackie Taylor- Senior Advanced Skin Therapist

Video Blog #5!

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Last week, Jackie performed an in-clinic example of one of Waterlily’s most Advanced Skin Rejuvenating treatments- Collagen Induction Therapy/ Skin Needling.
Our wonderful receptionist/manager Anna happily volunteered to be Jackie’s model for this treatment!
Skin Needling is the perfect treatment for you if you would like to take your skin to the next level and are serious about anti ageing treatments! It is the only treatment that can create brand new, natural collagen production by stimulating the natural wound healing process of the skin.

At one week post treatment- Anna’s skin is feeling BETTER THAN EVER! She has attained more overall firmness in her skin and a brighter complexion. For best results Anna will have another 4-5 treatments of Skin Needling 4-6 weeks apart.

For more information on skin needling and how this treatment can benefit you- please call or pop into the salon.

Hope you enjoy!

Waterlily xx

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