Video Blog #9- Jackie Taylor- Senior Advanced Skin Therapist

Video Blog #8!

In this weeks Video Blog, Jackie is demonstrating how to use the Ultraceuticals 0.2 mm Ultra Derma Needling System- also known as the Home Roller!

The home roller is an integral part of ones home care regime for those clients serious about results and who would like to implement in clinic dermal needling into their skin plan; as the home roller is a suggested prerequisite for in clinic needling. The home roller works on the skin’s own cell renewal process to visibly improve scars and imperfection on the skin and will help to resurface the skin’s texture and tone.

At Waterlily we are offering a new facial- the Roller Facial!
This will include an in depth explanation and demonstration of how to use the roller on your self at home and will also include a treatment in the clinic by one of our advanced skin therapists.

The home roller is priced at $99. The Roller Facial will be priced at $149. This price includes your home roller for you to take at the end of the treatment and also a one hour facial. This is a saving of $50 so the roller is half price!
We also suggest that you incorporate the Ultraceuticals B2 serum into the treatment for your skin post rolling to help sooth and hydrate your skin and of course an SPF for protection.
Your therapist will go into detail about how to use the roller and at what frequency- as this will differ from client to client and what other products can/cannot be used whilst rolling.

If you would like any more information about the home roller or organise and in clinic demonstration please speak to reception at the clinic and we will organise an appointment with one of our advanced therapists.

Waterlily xx

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